Judson's Legacy



Collin for Newly DiagnosedOur hearts break when there is another little person diagnosed with this heinous disease or any leukodystrophy. It probably feels as though your world is caving in and the pain is unbearable; meanwhile, you are trying to navigate the next best steps for your child. You are not alone; there is a community of Krabbe families that are walking or have walked a similar path. As wretched as this journey is, there is love and support to be found.

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Drake Kissing JudConnect with Us

Please make yourself known to us. We want to support you in whatever way we can and would be honored to add your child to our Krabbe Heroes page.

If you are wrestling with God and trying to understand his purpose in your pain, we hope to be a safe place where you can struggle and ask tough questions about faith and hope in the midst of your suffering. We can wrestle with God together!

This journey looks different for each child, parent, and family; Krabbe disease causes every one of us to be faced with painful decisions that no one ever imagines having to make. We long for there to be grace in the differences and strength in the similarities. Our leukodystrophy community has been one of the greatest gifts that has arisen out of our brokenness over Judson’s suffering and death—we hope it might prove to be a gift to you too.


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