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As a ministry of faith & hope in suffering, Judson’s Legacy is also committed to funding leukodystrophy research.

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toward finding a CURE for these wretched diseases.

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Judson with Krabbe

I’d been really struggling with my faith and I hadn’t been attending church, but I can once again see God working in my life and the lives of my family…and the spark was Jud.  ~ Brian H., Folsom, CA

I show Jud’s video all the time to doctors and researchers. It has such an incredible impact! I call the later onset form of Krabbe… Judson’s disease. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day it is known as such.  ~ Dr. Patti Duffner, Founding Clinical Director, HJKRI

I googled the National Anthem not realizing my life would be changed completely after coming across the story of Judson. I am becoming a better person, a better Christian and a better mom through his legacy.  ~ Lisa Neal, Cleveland, OH

I have been very far from God for over a year and I think Jud’s story may be God reaching out to me. 
~ Michelle Berhend, Normal, IL

Jud’s mind was incredible! To see how Krabbe disease took his life is one of the most powerful tools we have to show what this leukodystrophy does to a child.  ~ Edie Bailey, Leukodystrophy Advocate

Kelly and Levasheff Families

I was first introduced to Judson when Dr. Patti Duffner, a researcher for HJKRI, shared a few videos of him with my research team at Tulane. I left the seminar in tears. I think about Judson all the time now. Sometimes it is a brief reminder of Jud’s face, sometimes I am in lab working with Krabbe affected mice, and other times I am running through the trails of New Orleans trying to forget about medicine altogether. It is clear that Judson and his family have affected me. Their story brings me to tears when I sit and think about their struggles, but more than that, their story gives encouragement to me as a scientist, and as a sister in Christ.  ~ Dr. Brittni Scruggs, Tulane University of Medicine

I truly needed the message that beloved Juddy had to teach. One of the many reasons sweet Judson has touched my heart is that I have Sarcoidosis, an immune system disease that will attack every organ in my body. Now my sight is failing. But I have learned so much from Jud. My one hope is that when the time comes, I am able to face my struggles with as much faith in God and courage as Judson.  ~ Mary B., West Orange, NJ

Judson struck a chord so deep in my heart that it is has actually altered my life’s course and purpose, and because of him I will be doing very good things for Krabbe disease.  ~ Emma Callaghan, Nurse to Children with Rare Diseases

Jessie and Gina

Judson made me come to grips with the death of my own daughter, 11 years after her passing. He opened my eyes to what it means to truly live regardless of our time here and gave me a new found love for GOD.  ~ Jamie Hackett, Suffolk, VA

Jesus was talking through Judson and his story has brought all the faith of God back into my life.  ~ Kim M., Canada

I am moved by Judson! … I feel that he has forever changed my life. I am a 22 year-old guy, living in NYC working as a music promoter, and I will probably think about Judson every time I see a child for the rest of my life! I AM COMPLETELY ANTI RELIGIOUS… But I feel the hair standing on my neck and my heart getting this weird feeling when I think of Judson. He is amazing and a true hero to all!  ~ Derik R., NY

I spend so much time worrying about things that don’t matter, but after “meeting” Jud I am changed. I’ve listened to your ministry and it has compelled me to go back to church! I thank you for opening my eyes.  ~ Dominique Legaspi, North Hollywood, CA

Jud SmileI met Judson through YouTube and now I’ve read the book Eyes that See. Very few people have done what Christina has done in opening her heart to the world; her frankness about how she dealt with her grief of such a smart and beautiful boy and her brokenness, have kept Judson in my mind ever since.  ~ Milagros Garcia, Hollywood, FL

Judson was truly sent from God to direct people to him!  ~ Tawase Brewer, LaGrange, GA

Judson has touched the lives of many in the UK. Scientists and clinicians, grown men and women, shed tears at his video during my presentations. He has made such an impact around the world.  ~ Pat Roberts, Executive Director, Save Babies UK

Even though we don’t know the Levasheff family, we talk about them often and Jud’s legacy is just the most amazing thing; many of us have been inspired to re-evaluate our spiritual and material priorities. This precious little boy’s life had meaning and his work is continuing.  ~ Sue & Umberto Calabro, Carmel, NY