Judson's Legacy


Hope in Suffering
Are you facing a crisis of pain and struggling to find hope?* You are not alone. We have experienced moments of hopelessness that have left us crumpled on the floor, sobbing and straining to breathe in the midst of our pain. Sometimes it has felt so overwhelming that it’s been hard to imagine surviving the heartache.

When our world crumbled through the suffering and death of our son, life around us just kept turning as if nothing happened, triggering isolation and loneliness on top of our grief. Our hurts run very deep and we’re facing a lifetime of living without our son, but in the midst of our brokenness God has been using our pain, questions, and struggles to draw us unto himself—to infuse hope and joy in the midst of our suffering.

Whether you are facing relational challenges, job difficulties, disability, financial struggles, critical health issues, the loss of a loved one, or other devastation, there is lasting hope. Could it be possible you found Judson’s Legacy because God wants to speak new hope into your heart?!

If it feels as though God is distant or unloving, or you’re wondering how there could possibly be purpose in your pain, we hope you will join us on our journey of Hope in Suffering, and allow Judson’s life to speak to your heart.


God Feels Absent

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*Emotional pain, heartache, and sadness are natural and expected reactions to life’s disappointments and struggles. But if you are feeling an ongoing sense of hopelessness, anxiousness, or emptiness that seems to persist apart from your circumstances, please don’t hesitate to get medical or clinical help. Asking for help is a sign of strength! In the US you can begin by calling 1-800-NEW-LIFE (639-5433), a 24/hour general help line.