Judson's Legacy


What does Judson’s Legacy do?

Through speaking, writing, media, and organic life-to-life relationships, Judson’s Legacy is committed to sharing God’s love, comfort, and compassion for the brokenhearted, helping to equip the Church to stand beside the broken, and funding research to offer tangible hope, in the name of Jesus, for children who, like Judson, suffer from leukodystrophy diseases.

When was Judson’s Legacy started?

Judson’s Legacy grew organically out of God’s work in and through Jud’s life. In 2008, a memorial website was created to honor him and share his story. As the impact of Jud’s videos and our blog grew, opportunities to speak and share Jud’s story also grew. Meanwhile, in 2010 God opened the door for Eyes that See to be published and pathos|creative created the award-winning short film Judson’s Eyes. These were the catalysts that birthed the concept and ministry of Judson’s Legacy. In January 2011 we began the process of incorporating as a nonprofit organization and in 2012 we received our official tax-exempt status from the IRS. What began as a memorial has morphed into a ministry of faith and hope in suffering; in 2013, through the pro bono work of AkinsParker Creative and Trusted Web Solutions, Judson’s Legacy underwent brand and web re-development to more accurately reflect our mission and ministry.

Why are there cars on your website?

Judson's Legacy Logo Changes Over Time

Judson loved cars and when the first memorial website was created, the design included classic cars, particularly the classic Impala (watch Uniquely Jud). When the organization of Judson’s Legacy began, the classic Impala was included in the original logo since it had become a recognizable image associated with Jud.  However, as our ministry of hope in suffering developed, it became clear that our logo did not accurately reflect our mission. As we have adapted our look, we felt it was important not to completely abandon the classic Impala; it is simply a “shout out” to our Jud the Stud.

What does your current logo mean?

Our latest logo includes a rising sun to indicate that “joy comes in the morning;” the rays move from dark to light, symbolizing hope emerging out of pain.

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