Judson's Legacy

3 Responses to "Joyce Meyers TV Broadcast"

  1. Melanie says:

    I too am trying to trust God when it doesn’t make sense. My husband left me in December after 22 years of marriage. Reading your book Judson’s eyes and how you struggled and openly admitted your pain to God made me cry. So many things you wrote applied to me in this incredible painful journey. I KNOW God wanted me to see you on Joyce’s program on April 17. Thank you for sharing so honestly your story.

  2. Christina Levasheff says:

    Dear Melanie… I am so sorry for the grief and pain you’re experiencing. I cannot imagine the betrayal and hurt of your husband’s choice to leave after so many years together. Yet, I can so relate to wrestling with God through the struggle. I am incredibly touched by your words about “Eyes that See” and grateful that it has spoken to you in your painful journey. Pain is pain and the questions that arise in our pain can be so universal. All that to say, thank you for taking the time to encourage me/us today. It was truly a gift! ~ Christina

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