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Women’s Day

I must confess that even prior to Jud’s death I have never been a big fan of Mothers’ Day.  (I know, sacrilege! )

Yesterday, my church, that I already adore, went up several notches in my book (if that is even possible).  On a day when most churches offer all sorts of motherly fanfare and hoopla, our church simply acknowledged the holiday and its desire to honor mothers.

But they also acknowledged that Mothers’ Day is a very difficult holiday for many women-particularly those who have desired motherhood yet have been unable to become moms, and those who have recently lost their mothers.  Though they did not mention my circumstance…women who have lost children (besides unborn children, I might have been the only one)… I appreciated the sensitivity to the pain in the room.

They also recognized the value of all the adult women, taking special care to include those who are not moms but offer so much to the church and society.  Amen!  I spent over 9 years as a married woman without kids, and often felt as though I was perceived as incomplete, only ½ a woman, until I bore a child.  Women without children, single or married, are not lacking anything, even if their life experience does not include motherhood!  I think it is appropriate for them to be honored as well. 

Several years ago I began calling Mothers’ Day “Women’s Day.”  In fact, on my first Mother’s Day as an actual mom, Drake made Jud a shirt in recognition of my desire to be inclusive.  Though our church did not use this term, my hat goes off to them for celebrating “Women’s Day” nonetheless.  Kudos GFC!

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  1. Angie Green says:

    How compassionate your pastoral staff is for recognizing that Mother’s Day, as is the case for all public holidays, brings a mixture of celebration and suffering, depending on each one’s story and circumstances. I read the words below soon after Kevin’s death and I am thankful that because of my own suffering, I am more aware of suffering around me, as you are, dear one with "eyes that see!"

    "Why do those stupid birds keep singing? What’s wrong with the people all around me – they act as if this was a regular day! They act as if today should be as usual. Do they not know that the world has changed completely? Can’t they see the red-hot sword that is obviously lodged in my chest?"

    But, I also know from my personal experience in extending comfort to hurting mom through our Mothers Like Me Grief Care Ministry that only Jesus can create a heart that can truly rejoice when others are rejoicing and hurt when others are hurting, but raising the level of awareness of others’ reality is such a good beginning. May God bless your church and its’ leadership, as they obviously have "eyes that see, too!"

    Love and Hugs, Angie

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