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White Fluffy Fizz

My parents have a huge jacuzzi tub, so last night Jessie Girl had her first major bubble bath.  She wore an ear-to-ear grin as she covered herself in white fluffy fizz.  Because Jess was having such a great time, she hesitated getting out of the bath…her prune-like fingers indicative of a long time spent bouncing and burrowing in bubbles.

I’m not even sure getting clean was an important part of this bath, but her joy sure brought me joy!

Have you ever seen a bubble rhino before??!!?

As usual she had fun getting cozy after her bath.
We like to call it “cozi-fying”!




3 Responses to "White Fluffy Fizz"

  1. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Gary thought Jessie looked like a woodpecker in the "rhino" picture…lol Those are the sweetest pictures. She’s a girl after my heart…I love the bubble baths…lol She is growing up so fast!!!!!!!!
    Love you all~Jean and Gary

  2. Robyn says:

    Simply beautiful! I hope she never loses the joy that simple things can bring her and that we never forget to enjoy watching our children! Blessings.

  3. sabrina gavriilidis says:

    She is just precious. Thanks for making me smile..

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