Judson's Legacy

When Glory Stands Revealed

When Judson was growing in my womb, our birth coach encouraged us to choose a song to sing and hum over and over, so that when our baby entered this world, he would have an immediately familiar and soothing song.

I chose a song that was sung at our wedding.  At the time, I wasn’t sure why I chose the song, but now it seems like a perfect fit.

When Glory Stands Revealed


My Redeemer will come
Back to call His own
Saying, “My love, come away with me.”
Taking his hand
We will arise
And kiss the face of Mercy


In that moment
I will embrace
Sweet mysteries
Now concealed
When Glory, evermore glorious
Stands revealed

Judson has experienced the Redeemer calling his name, and taking his hand.  Jud has now kissed the face of Mercy, and all the mysteries of this world, still concealed to us, have been revealed to him in glory. 

I cannot wait for my Father to call me too, saying, “My love, come away with me.”

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