Judson's Legacy

Watching Cement Dry

We’ve all heard the old adage, “That’s about as fun as watching cement dry.”  Strangely, I am riveted by a slab of cement currently drying just beyond our front door.

The bench that we donated in Judson’s memory was installed at our park this afternoon.  They did some preparatory work yesterday, but actually poured the concrete today.

I did not foresee the slew of emotions I would feel upon seeing Jud’s name in bronze being memorialized at the park where he used to run, jump, swing, slide, and play.  Sorrow and excitement pulsed through my body.  The whole experience was surreal.

As the foundation solidifies this evening, I ponder how I might feel each time I sit on this special seat.  I never could have imagined that a grated, metal, wire bench could be so meaningful to me.

Next week they plan to plant Jud’s sycamore tree…

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