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Walk for a Cure

Dear family and friends,

The Stennis Foundation (www.stennisfoundation.org) is an organization that is committed to finding a cure for leukodystrophies.  They will be doing a “Walk for a Cure” on Saturday, October 4 in Laguna Niguel in honor of some people in CA who have recently been afflicted by a leukodystrophy; Jud will be one of the honorees.

As I write this email I am gripped with emotion—it still feels surreal that we are becoming part of a cause for a disease that just over a year ago we didn’t even know existed, yet has since turned our lives upside down.

As you all know, we miss Jud SO much!  And because of our longing, it is our hope that someday, even if many, many years from now, parents of children born with a leukodystrophy will be able to watch their little one grow and thrive rather than mourn their loss as we have.  We believe that even little steps like “Walk for a Cure” can make a difference!

Please do not feel any obligation, but if you are so inclined, there are a couple ways people can get involved:

1)  We are taking pledges for the walk.  If you want to support this cause you can pledge any amount of money in honor of Jud for this event.  Simply email me at
with your name, address, and pledge amount and I will put you on the pledge list.

2)  You can be a “Bud” of “Jud the Stud” and join us at the “Walk for a Cure” as part of Jud’s team in Laguna Niguel on Saturday, Oct. 4.  We will even be making special shirts for all of “Jud’s Buds” to wear that day.  The registration fee is $20 per person (includes a Stennis Foundation T-shirt).  You can register on-line at www.stennisfoundation.org and email us to let us know you’ll be one of “Jud’s Buds”.

3)  Because some forms of leukodystrophy can benefit from bone marrow transplants, there will also be a Bone Marrow Drive on-site in Laguna Niguel that day.  If this is an area of interest, all it takes is a swab of the mouth to register and potentially save a life by donating bone marrow (www.marrow.org).

We are so incredibly grateful for the ways our family has been absolutely SHOWERED with financial support over the last year and many have also donated to other organizations in honor of Judson.  What a gift!  In light of this, we especially hope you will receive this letter simply as an invitation rather than a request.

Thank you for the numerous ways you have supported our family!!!!!!

Much love to you all…
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

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