Judson's Legacy

Used To


I used to kiss the soft, young lips of my boy.  Now I kiss the flat paper image of his smile.

I used to hug the youthful vibrant body of my boy.  Now I hug an 11×16 frame that displays his face.

My tears used to drip onto the supple spotless skin of my boy as I grieved his illness.  Now my tears drip on to a hard piece of glass as I grieve his death.

Oh how I miss my boy!

7 Responses to "Used To"

  1. Allie says:

    Aww christina,

    I’m so sorry…I can’t even put into words how sorry I am, or how it makes me feel to read your blogs and see your photographs.

    I just cry along…

    i hope one day the healing gets a little easier, but he will never be forgotton, he’s touched too many people. He will forever live on in our lives.

  2. sabrina gavriilidis says:

    I know you do Christina. I know you miss him. My heart is just bleeding for you. I’m so sorry.


  3. Jenni Black says:

    I cry along with you and pray for you. I can’t imagine your pain. I almost lost my son at birth with Leukemia and losing one of my kids is my biggest fear now. I worry everyday and can’t seem to get past the fear. May God bless you….

  4. Allyson Stevenson says:

    oh Christina, how my heart aches for you! I am so sorry. I pray that our dear Father will continue to hold you close as you grieve, and may eternity with your son be your guiding hope!I love you so dearly, sweet friend!

  5. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh Christina…SOMEDAY you will again kiss him and hug him…what a JOY that day will be!!!!!
    We love you so much!!!!!
    Jean and Gary

  6. Rebekah says:

    Photos are priceless, but just NOT THE SAME. They keep memories alive and fresh, but they are not Judson.

    I can’t imagine how deeply you must ache to hold him. I know you miss him terribly and I am praying that you will really sense God’s love.

  7. hh says:

    It’s so hard to read your words and try to imagine and feel your pain and desperate longing for your boy. My heart hurts and aches and is just broken for you and Drake. I almost feel guilty (or some other strange, unknown emotion) because I CAN kiss and feel and hug my boys…I know I shouldn’t feel that way. I just hate that you have to live without your beautiful boy’s presence until you get to hold him again. Know that I love you and am praying for you every day. Love, Heather

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