Judson's Legacy

Upside Down

I usually attend Bible Study at my church on Wednesday mornings.  For obvious reasons, I have not been able to be there these last weeks.  I did not attend this week either.  Instead, I had errands to run…I went to the administrative office of the memorial park, where Judson is buried, to tie up some loose ends, and I went to the mortuary to select a grave marker for Jud’s burial plot.

As I left the mortuary, I thought of the women in my Bible Study group who were gathered together at that same time.  I imagined them talking about their Thanksgiving weeks and the upcoming Christmas holiday.  I imagined them discussing the study questions.  I imagined them sharing prayer requests. I also remembered that I was part of similar conversations less than a year ago.

But now, my life has been turned completely upside down.

Instead of being at Bible study, I was selecting a grave marker, a grave marker for my beloved 2 ½ year old boy?!!!??!

Life will never be the same.

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