Judson's Legacy


I often hear people say that death is a natural part of life.

Of course, this is true, in the sense that every one of us will die.  Outside of the return of Jesus, every person who is now walking the face of this earth, whether young or old, will, at some point, breathe their last breath at an unknown hour.  In fact, death of our earthly bodies is one of the only certain things in life.  In this regard, it can easily be deemed “natural.”

However, though we might call death “natural,” I am also discovering that it is completely unnatural.

Death flies in the face of everything we hold dear: love, beauty, pleasure.  If we are to imagine all the things we value, every one of them can easily be thwarted by the death of someone or something that is alive.  This is what makes death so painful.

When man and woman were created in paradise, death did not exist.  We were made to live-living is natural.  It is sin/evil that brought death, making death absolutely unnatural.  Death is the final enemy.  It is the ultimate conquest of evil.  Therefore, Jesus needed to conquer death for the triumph of life; to restore His natural design.  

Thanks be to God that Jud is covered by the blood of Jesus, taking his unnatural death and restoring his soul to its natural state of life once again.

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