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Today marks 29 months since Judson died.  Why is 29 months particularly notable?

Judson lived 29 months before the onset of Krabbe disease…  29 months of untainted bliss with our son.  29 months of looking into his eyes and having him look back into mine.  29 months of holding his unbroken body.  29 months of hearing his unhindered voice.  29 months of watching him grow and develop.  29 months that Jud was able to enthusiastically engage his world.

29 months.

Now I have lived 29 months without Judson…  29 months of grief and sorrow over our son.  29 months of not being able to look into his eyes.  29 months without the opportunity to hold him.  29 months of not hearing his voice.  29 months of not seeing him grow and develop.  29 months since Jud has been gone from this world.

29 months.

My 29 months of longing for Jud may turn into more than 29 years, but each breath in loss illuminates the beauty of the 29 months of Judson’s life unimpeded by Krabbe disease and my hope for heaven where those 29 months will be multiplied by eternity.

This is a video from the day Jud turned 29 months old.

4 Responses to "Twenty-Nine"

  1. Robyn Morton says:

    Woke up this morning and said a little prayer for you. Twenty-nine months–a lifetime of joy and sorrow with too few days between. Thinking of you–blessings, Robyn

  2. Darlene says:

    Thinking of you today,Christina,Drake and Jessie. Jud will always be in our hearts. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.

  3. Amy Moore says:

    This Easter Day,I thought about Judson and all of you,after seeing the video of Judson hunting for Easter Eggs on his last Easter Day.Thank you for sharing yet another video of Judson.I just love to hear his sweet Lil voice. =)

  4. Freya Remmer says:


    I read your blog a few days ago, but I didn’t quite know what to say. I just cried when I thought about 29 months… I hate it, actually, when people say that they didn’t know what to say… sometimes there really are no words in grief… no words that really help with grief. I can only pray that the Spirit of God comforts you as only He can. It’s a sweet comfort, and I know that He’s given it to you.

    I, too, loved the video of Judson. What a doll !! Jessie looks a lot like him… she’s a doll, too.

    Blessings to you this day…


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