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A Tribute to Nicole Aldrian

Nicole and Trevor Aldrian
Nicole Aldrian, a beloved woman who inspired, loved, and served many (I wrote about her last week), died yesterday, May 12, 2014, from cancer. I am absolutely devastated, as are so many!

The day we met Steve and Nicole Aldrian in 2009, they were pulling baby Trevor around in a little red wagon after he had been newly diagnosed with Krabbe disease. Interestingly, in a conversation with Steve last November, he retrospectively chuckled, “We’ve sure come a long way since that day, haven’t we, Christina?”

Aldrian FamilyIndeed, Steve and Nicole have come a long way, longer than anyone could imagine. Over the last almost five years, Steve and Nicole have become powerful advocates for their son and for the leukodystrophy community.  Not only have they fought tooth and nail to make certain Trevor received the best possible care available, but they started the Peace, Love, and Trevor Foundation to ensure that other Krabbe families also have the resources to provide optimal care for their kids.

Our family has shared birthdays, graduations, and other significant celebrations together. We’ve attended conferences, advocated at various events, and been on parent-panels together.  And through all these experiences we’ve seen the beauty of Nicole and Steve, both individually and as a couple.

It is hard to even fathom that Nicole is gone. Partly because death is just so incredibly awful and partly because Nicole epitomizes the fullness of life!

Aldrian and Levasheff FamiliesNicole was vibrant, packed with energy, and charismatic, while being genuine and down-to-earth. She was also fierce–in the kindest of ways! People were naturally drawn to her and loved being around her, but you quickly learned that you never wanted to find yourself on the other side of Nicole’s line, because she had an unmatched strength…one to be feared! Nicole was a fighter, a fighter for what she believed was right, and she was never afraid to ask; she would put herself out there in situations that would have caused most to cower. Yet, Nicole was gutsy with a finesse that yielded results. With all that she faced, I never once heard Nicole complain; instead I saw her rise to the challenge with extraordinary grace and strength.

Nicole Aldrian and Christina LevasheffWhen we were around other kids with leukodystrophy diseases, Nicole found such delight in helping. Whether it was feeding-tube tips, suctioning advice, or feedback about medications, she knew her “stuff” and was quick to share her wealth of knowledge with others. She gave generously of her time, resources, and energy to love many well.

But the thing that made Nicole beam most was her family. She loved her boys so much, for who they each uniquely are, and spoke with great pride over them. She found tremendous joy in Trevor’s distinct purpose in this world, while raving about her smart, sweet Tyler who is “off the charts” in a thousand different ways.

Moreover, Nicole deeply loved her man Steve! I have marveled at Steve. He is an amazingly tender and thoughtful guy, easy-to-be around and full of compassion. Steve has fought tirelessly alongside Nicole…and then began fighting tirelessly for Nicole.  He has loved and cared for his wife and family so well in the midst of his own brokenness and frailties through unimaginable circumstances.

And now his Nicole is gone. Tyler & Trevor’s mom is gone.  The world’s beloved Nicole Aldrian is gone.

Their story needs to be told. Their family needs to be upheld.

Oh dear Jesus, please have mercy!

This is one of my favorite photos of Nicole because it says so much about her personality and spirit in the midst of trials!

This is one of my favorite photos of Nicole because it shows so much of her personality and spirit in the midst of trials!

25 Responses to "A Tribute to Nicole Aldrian"

  1. Nicole Rodgers says:

    So sorry to hear this, she seemed like a lovely woman. Prayers to her husband, family and friends.

  2. Karen…our hearts are deeply grieved with all of you. We love your family!!

  3. Linda A. Williams says:

    so sad!!!! I will pray for the family!

  4. Chad Christy Bac says:

    God bless and keep his family

  5. Susan Gamble says:


  6. Sandi says:

    Unimaginable pain. Thank you for sharing Christina. Praying for the Aldrian family.

  7. Erica Edwards says:

    This was spot on. She was so incredible. She will forever be remembered and adored! Always!

  8. So sorry for the loss of your friend. The world needs for selfless beautiful people like Nicole. Thank you for sharing. Our thoughts and prayers go to her family and friends.

  9. So beautiful said, praying for the Aldrian family

  10. Becky Wolf Geese says:

    Beautiful tribute to Nicole. Abundance of pain for a woman I did not know personally but grew to love out of admiration. Prayers for Steve & her boys.

  11. Silvana Rossi says:

    "She found tremendous joy in Trevor’s distinct purpose in this world." So beautifully expressed-every word-with much love!! Such witness helps us all to grieve with the family and to uphold them in prayer.Nicole and her family are in our hearts every day. All Krabbe families show such courage and love and help one another carry their crosses. I give thanks for that. Peace, Lauren's Nonna.

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oh my this is so Nicole. She was an amazing woman. She was a Wonder Woman! She will truly be missed!

  13. Thank you for sharing your thoughts which reflect how many of us feel.

  14. So heartbroken by this loss!

  15. Debbie Eastep says:

    My condolences to you on the passing of your dear friend Nicole. Your beautiful tribute-both in sights and photos-made me feel as though I'd met Nicole and seen her determination, no-nonsense strength and strong spirit. The Aldrian's are in my thoughts and prayers for peace and comfort at this time and in the days ahead.

  16. Eileen Feitz says:

    Prayers for the Aldrian family. So very sorry for your loss

  17. I so sorry, tears flowing

  18. Melissa McQuary Moser says:

    A great tribute for a fantastic person who will continue to live through Steve, Tyler and Trevor.

  19. Beth Potulski says:

    Beautifully written Christina…prayers for the Aldrian family and also for the entire Krabbe community..

  20. Kim Mason Lopac says:

    What a beautiful soul- an inspiration to all of us.
    Such a tremendous loss not only to her family and friends but to a world that treasures such a strong caring and loving spirit.

  21. Christina White says:

    Rest in peace Nicole. This story captured Nicole just how I knew her. I NEVER heard her complain.

  22. Such beautiful words about such a beautiful person! Praying for the Aldrian family.

  23. Michelle Paturel Adams says:

    We are saying prayers daily for this amazing and beautiful family. I know this beautiful soul has inspires and will continue to inspire others. May God bless her beautiful family.

  24. Desiree Goreham Henry says:

    Hi Christina. I never met you, but I've heard allot about you. I'm Nicole's sister. I just now read your amazing tribute and I have to say, you were completely right on target in everything you said. You captured all of who she is and everything she aspired to be to a be. I miss my sister dearly. Not a second of a minute of a day goes by that I don't have a memory or moment of my 42 years with my beautiful sister. Her story will live on. Her memory will grow eternally. Her fight will inspire thousands. She's "the best"!!

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