Judson's Legacy


A good-sized earthquake hit Southern California today.

Jessie and I were waiting at the mall to meet a friend for lunch when the ground began to shake as the earth started to quake.  We heard crashing up above as I grabbed my little lady and hustled to the nearest doorway.

As patrons of the mall, we were then ushered outside while employees assessed damage.

It turns out that a metal beam on the 3rd floor broke in the earthquake and was hanging by a thin wire almost directly above the area where Jessie had been playing.


I thank God for His protection.  And after hearing later that the tremor hadn’t caused any major injuries or death and very little structural damage to property in the quake areas, I also found myself strangely appreciative for this natural reminder that we are not ultimately in control…

…A reminder that leads to important tremors in my soul—tremors of submission before the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who set the stars in the sky and keeps the earth turning.

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