Judson's Legacy

Treasured Gifts


It is such a gift when new memories of Judson, memories I haven’t recalled since losing my son, unexpectedly surface.

While Jessie and I were walking home from school the other day, she noted that one of the sprinkler heads in the grass along our path was sticking up out of the ground.

Suddenly, a sweet new memory arose out of the cobwebs of my mind…

When Judson was just learning to walk, we would frequently meander around our complex, exploring the area.   The sprinkler system was on a timer that regularly watered the landscape, and after each period of saturation the sprinkler heads, rather than retreating back into the ground, would stick straight up out of the lawn, beckoning to my little boy.

With great enthusiasm, Juddy would lift his little foot over each spray nozzle and with all the strength he could muster, stomp with glee as the sprayer fell victim to his power, collapsing into the ground.  Giggles of victory would follow as he energetically made his way to the next sprinkler.

A precious memory.

Precious, precious memories such as this are such treasured gifts on this journey.

Author: Christina

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