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Tiny Morsels

I am so put off by the way women are objectified in the media and marketing conglomerate of our culture.  However, what amazes me most is that women choose this for themselves (there are examples upon examples on MySpace).  Are you merely an object?  Are you simply the sum of all your physical parts?  Are you a nice pair of boobs or a shapely butt?  Are you a tiny morsel to be devoured by the sexual drives and desires of men and boys?

Say it ain’t so!

You are a soul.  You have a mind and spirit that are far more valuable that your fleeting physical traits. Act accordingly! While your body will wither, fade, sag, and age…develop, grow, and invest in your soul—allow it to flourish.  Your soul is eternal and your body will die!

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  1. Linda says:

    Excellent blog Christina! Oh how I wish I could put words together like you do!! I have such a heart for all kids, but the teenagers are the ones who really need our help. They are believing a lie. Would you give me permission to post this blog on my myspace? I would give you full credit. I have 3 neices that really need to read this! Please let me know. Thank you. I love reading anything you write.

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