Judson's Legacy

Thriving vs. Surviving

I am convinced there is a huge difference between surviving and thriving.  Most of the moments in my life are now spent simply trying to manage each instant in a manner that I can make it to the next.

Drake and I are probably less functional than people might imagine; others may observe us out and about intermingling with society in various contexts, but what cannot be seen is the tremendous energy required just to breathe, moreover handle the minute details of life that most people process without a single thought.  Many of the daily tasks necessary for healthy living go undone or cost us every ounce of strength.  We are short on stamina and anything beyond the essentials zaps all reserve energy and even affects potential energy for the days that follow.

Most people want to master life.  We have been relegated to simply managing life so we can survive…with hopes that we will one day again thrive.

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