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I’m not usually a fan of greeting cards.  Sure, I can appreciate a card with uncommon wit & humor, but I generally find them to be sappy and lame.  I prefer to express things to people in my own words.  However, leave it to Trader Joes to publish a card that actually moved me with its verse:

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand…and melting like a snowflake.” —Marie E. Beynonray

Life passes so quickly.  It seems like just yesterday that I was playing kickball on my cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids and pretending that I was dating John fom the show “CHiPs”  (No, I didn’t swoon over Eric Estrada like many of my friends—I’ve always been a sucker for blondes). 

Now I have my own kids.  How did that happen?!!??  Well, I know how it happened, but when did the transition to adulthood occur?  Sometimes I still feel like a child and just want the comfort of my mom and dad.  Now I’m the mom.  This is very sobering.

Having Jessie, and believing that she is our final child (I am more than content with two kids and feel extremely blessed to have them both), has left me reflecting on how quickly this stage of our life will pass too.  In moments of struggle, I am comforted by this fact.  In moments of joy, I find myself cherishing life in a way I never have before.

Jud is growing in intellect, character, and size.  Today he loves vehicles, his train set, singing music, tackling mommy and daddy, kissing his sister, and holding hands with people.  Who knows what he will love tomorrow?!!?

Jessie is coming alive.  She grabs anything nearby and “tastes” it (she is currently chewing on a music cube), she smiles even when sick, and loves to put her feet in her mouth.  It will be no time before she is walking and talking.

I know not what tomorrow will hold, but today I will relish each moment!

One last thought…right now Drake is sipping coffee and he’ll probably be doing that in ten years too! 

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