Judson's Legacy

The Wall


When we first arrived at the Hunter’s Hope Candlelight Ball, there were a couple walls filled with pictures of children afflicted by Krabbe disease.  Drake and I walked around scanning the faces of each picture, looking for our son. 

All of a sudden I realized that this is a wall no parent would ever want their child to be on.  It is a wall of suffering, a wall of turmoil, a wall of brokenness, a wall of heartache, and a wall of life-long pain…and here we were wondering if Judson’s sweet countenance was displayed.

I hate that this wall exists and still blow my mind that this is a place where my son’s face belongs.

One response to "The Wall"

  1. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Christina~That is indeed a wall of heartache and pain; but yet each little face is a picture of courage.We know that had to be hardto look at. Our prayers are with you EVERYDAY!!
    We love you so much~
    Jean and Gary

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