Judson's Legacy

The Pendant


When I went to get Jessie after her nap this afternoon, seeing my tear-stained eyes she immediately asked, “Have you been crying, Mommy?”

“Yes Jessie, I’ve been crying,” I slowly responded.

“Why were you crying?” she probed.

Her question triggered the tears again, “I miss Judson so much, Jessie.  I just wish I could be with him.”

“That’s okay mommy.  You’ll be okay, mommy,” Jessie consoled as she softly patted me on the shoulder.  Then a few seconds later she enthusiastically declared in an effort to find a solution, “Look!  He’s there on your necklace, mommy!  Judson is right there!” she exclaimed pointing at the pendant hanging around my neck.

I couldn’t help but cry harder…wishing her solution was enough.

4 Responses to "The Pendant"

  1. Linda says:

    Oh Christina, I wish it were enough too! What a BEAUTIFUL picture of your sweet little man in the pendant. I really do understand a little more now, what you are going thru. Even tho I only knew my little grandson for about 15 minutes…..I miss him so much! I wish his picture was enough too, but we both know it isn’t. Prayers of comfort going your way Christina. p.s. your little Jessie has such a precious heart!

  2. Jeff Trammel says:

    Cry on! We’re all still crying with you. A powerfully touching story. I can see our little Kate doing the same thing. It’s amazing how a little two year old can be such an encouragement!

  3. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh, bless your heart. My Grandma Logsdon use to say that tears wash the windows to your heart. Your "heart windows" must be awefully clean.
    Just let the tears flow. Love Jessie’s little
    heart for caring. Jud must be looking down and thanking his Jessie girl for taking such good care
    of his mommy.We love you sweetie…so much!!!!!!
    Jean and Gary

  4. Christine says:

    The pendant is beautiful….Judson will always be with you. I am so glad I got to meet you at the Ball and look forward to the symposium!!

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