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Thankful Thursday Week #4

1.  I have been feeling a little sick the last two days and it reminds me how thankful I am for health – not just health from sniffles, sneezes, and coughs, but I am incredibly grateful not to have any chronic ailments or physical disabilities that affect my day-to-day living.  I have been given a HUGE gift in being healthy!

2.  The other day Jessie wasn’t sleeping during her nap so I randomly decided to climb in bed with her and we snuggled for over an hour.  She showered me with thousands of kisses (which is uncommon for my little lady from whom I usually have to “steal” my kisses).  I laid there in bed with tears in my eyes as I marveled at the gift I was holding in my arms — so grateful for the unplanned opportunity to connect with my Jessie-Girl!

3.  Our clothes dryer broke a couple weeks ago and my parents graciously offered to give us their washer and dryer (and purchased a new set).  They even drove 2 hours (both directions) to deliver it to us in their truck on Saturday.  The generosity of my folks truly met a need for us and it has been wonderful to no longer have piles of laundry in our home.  We are also very grateful to the Robecks who gave up time on Saturday to help us move the washer and dryer into our home!

4.  I was honored to speak with a Women’s Fellowship on Sunday evening and grateful for the encouragement from the ladies and especially the passion some had to further share Judson’s story.

5.  Auntie Rachel spoiled our Jess last night when they went out on a “date” together.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the role Rachel has intentionally and sacrificially played in Jessie’s life ever since Judson got sick.  She holds a very special place in Jessie’s life (and ours) modeling a young woman seeking to honor God with her heart and choices…what a blessing to us as parents to have someone like that seeking relationship with our little girl!


6.  I am very grateful to my friend Anne who was willing, at the last-minute, to let Jessie come and hang out in her home  with her and her son Isaac on Tuesday so that I could finish my preparations to teach at our church on Wednesday.

7.  I was pulled over in my car today because the tags on our vehicle were not up-to-date.  Unfortunately, I had not printed our most recent insurance cards either so my insurance cards were expired.  I was extremely grateful when the police officer allowed me to show him an electronic copy of our up-to-date insurance records on my phone and even though a hard copy is legally required and he did not give me a ticket for lacking proof of insurance.  I am thankful for his graciousness and  that I have a phone that gives me access to that kind of information at my fingertips!

8.  When I drove up to Judson’s gravesite this afternoon, I was really touched to discover that someone had left beautiful red roses for our boy.  My heart swelled with thankfulness to whomever it was that expressed love for our Juddy in this manner!


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  1. Samanta says:

    There’s so much to be thankful for Christina!!!! I’ve been sick during our holidays and when arriving home, and I realised how precious is to be healthy. Now I’m ok, so I thank for that too.
    What a beautiful flower gift for Judson, a hug for your heart!!!
    Love, Samanta.

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