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Thankful Thursday Week #25

Since the documentary has been on my mind all week, this Thankful Thursday reflects my gratitude for all the things surrounding the documentary.

1.   I am still in awe that Sun and Angela Kim read our story in a magazine (winter of 2008/2009) and through the prompting of the Spirit of God felt lead to initiate a documentary about Judson.  Wow!

2.  I could not express enough gratitude to Peter Chung, the filmmaker who gave his whole heart and soul to this project!  What an honor it is to have such a talented director share our story!!

3.  Talent 1 Media is an incredible organization that has been so supportive of our family and it was a gift to have Judson’s Eyes premiere at this film festival.

4.  We had so many friends and family come out for the event and even some unexpected guests that blew us away by their presence.  I am so grateful for the many loving and supportive people in our lives!

5.  It is an amazing blessing to have heard some of the stories of how the documentary and Judson affected people’s hearts who were present on Saturday.  I am so grateful and amazed by the ways God continues to work through the life of our son!

 6.  And the greatest gift to me was that after premiering the movie at 3 pm on Saturday, the festival administrators felt compelled to show the documentary again at 9 pm to a very full theatre!  They did not do this with any other film or project but it was clear God was stirring their hearts to share Jud’s story with more people.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us the amazing gift of seeing the manner in which you can take something that is so awful and use it to bring life.  Amen!


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  1. Dear Christina,

    WOW! What an amazing and wonderful experience…how God is using Judson and you and Drake is so powerful. Now even more people will meet Judson! It`s tremendous.
    I sure would love to have a good ol one-on-one with you, friend. You are loved and prayed for.

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