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Thankful Thursday Week #24

1.  The opportunity we have been given to attend the Krabbe symposium in July this year.  It will be Drake’s first time attending and I look forward to experiencing it together as a family.

2.  A fun family trip to Disneyland and the gift of having Drake with us.


3.  Health insurance.

4.  Watching Drake as a dad and the way he loves BOTH his kids so well!


5.  Auntie Rachel and her love for Jessie-Girl.  She took Jess on a date this week and spoiled her with accessories for her hair and more.

6.  The way Jessie touches my heart by wanting to release every balloon she receives to her brother.


7.  The fun of a spontaneous ski ball tournament as Drake and I were walking by Chuck E. Cheese.

8.  Having lunch with my little girl at the local nature center and putting our toes in the waterfall.


9.  Seeing the beauty of metamorphosis in action…


One response to "Thankful Thursday Week #24"

  1. I often feel like the soon to be butterfly… building a cocoon around myself as each change comes…still praying to be the butterfly that my God wants me to be…

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