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Thankful Thursday Week #15

This week has proved to be one of numerous blessings, coming on the heels of a week that had been especially difficult.

1.  I was thankful for the opportunity to be ridiculous and silly with some of my friends last Friday, getting dressed up in costumes and being audience participants for the show “Let’s Make a Deal.”  And after the craziness of the event we enjoyed dinner on Olvera St. and some rich conversation.  It was a great girls’ day out, made possible by my folks who watched Jessie-Girl for me.  If interested, the show will air May 14 on CBS…you’re certain to catch us on camera!


2.  So this week included my birthday…and as stated in Birthday Wish, the greatest gift was to have Judson’s book finally released.  The timing was notably a big blessing!

3.  With regard to the book, Ingram, the distributor (largest in the world) of Eyes that See, has a general number of books they stock in their warehouse for a first-time, unknown author (that’s me) that they expect will meet the initial sales for the first weeks of distribution until they can ascertain the demand for the book.  Well, we were blown away this morning to discover that Amazon has already sold out of stock in less than 72 hours.  We are incredibly blessed by the initial response and grateful to all who are sharing Judson’s story with others! 

4.  My family honored me with a birthday gathering on Saturday night for dessert at Claim Jumper.  I am thankful for Drake who organized the event and even put together a “Christina Quiz.”  It is a gift to be known and loved by family and to have their support through thick and thin!


5.  I have been particularly blessed by my friend Jen K. this week.  From gifts, to thoughtful notes, to email messages, to kindness toward Jessie, and the list could go on and on…it is as though she is this incredible cheerleader standing beside me, rooting for me and encouraging me in meaningful, gracious, and loving ways.  I am tremendously blessed by her friendship!

6.  Thanks to the thoughtfulness of our friends, the Goodmans, Drake and I enjoyed a date in Laguna Beach on Sunday night – dinner at BJ’s and a performance at the Laguna Playhouse.  It was a definitely a treat!  And we are grateful to Danielle and Marty for watching Jess.


7.  Tuesday is usually taco night with the Bobars, but this week, Sarah’s family invited us out to a nice, special meal.  It is a gift to feel like we have been grafted into the Hegenbart family and we are so touched by their love and support!

8.  We are thankful to all who have been posting book reviews at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for Eyes that See.  These reviews can make such a significant impact in readership and it means the world to us!!

9.  Lastly, because my parents were visiting for a few days, we were also blessed to get some time with them and Howie.  I continue to be so grateful that my parents have adopted him and that he has been able to stay in the family.


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