Judson's Legacy

Thankful Thursday Week #10

1.  We were so sad to learn last week that our Homeowners Association put new policies in place making it impossible for us to keep our dog, Howie, without incurring significant fines.  However, we are tremendously grateful that my parents have allowed Howie to move in with them so he can indirectly remain part of our family.  This is a HUGE gift knowing we do not have to part with our precious pup!


2.  While in Ventura this week I had the chance to spend some time with my friend, Kathleen, who lost her daughter Jacque to Krabbe disease three years ago.  We first met at the Hunter’s Hope family symposium last year and she lives near my parents.  It was such a blessing to share tea with her—a down-to-earth, genuine, sensitive friend who also understands the heartache of losing her beloved child.  It further made me thankful for the commitment Hunter’s Hope has made to support families, enabling relationships such as this!

3.  I am also grateful for Kathleen’s daughter, Bella, who is such a mature, kind, and thoughtful young lady.  She has embraced and loved Jessie so sweetly and it is a gift for Jess to have a young person in her life who has also lost a sibling.  They ended up choosing to release balloons together in honor of Jacque and Judson, tugging deeply at my heart.


4. Last Friday Jessie and I walked around Balboa Island with Terri, a friend and mentor.  I left our time together feeling especially thankful for the honesty shared between us and her willingness to engage openly with me.

5.  I am feeling so much gratitude for my hubby this week…for no reason at all, and every reason imaginable!

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