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I could be wrong, but I get the sense that people think I am taking Jud’s death better than Christina.  Yeah, I know comparison is awful.  And, no, I don’t say that with any pride involved.  It’s just that after I tell them how I’m doing, the next response is, “Oh.  But how is Christina doing?” with a very concerned tone.  For most, they’ve seen her tears, while they’ve seldom seen them from me.

The truth is, I think she’s grieving in such a healthy manner.  And I’m proud of how she’s walked through our sorrow.  She’s been a model for me of how to do it well!

People make the mistake of assuming that tears are a sign that things are not right.  (Let’s face it, we men usually do all we can to make sure they stop.)  But for a mother who just lost her son in the last year, the natural response is tears.  It’s a most appropriate response.

In fact, I’d say that for Christina, and for me, crying is a far more fitting response to our loss than not crying.

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  1. Shannon Walker says:

    I have spent the last hour on your website weeping for the heartbreak you have known, and are knowing. I have also been weeping over the love that is so evident among your family and for Judson and a testament to God’s love in you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, of suffering and hope. I received the email last summer through the Reams to pray for your family. I was praying then and am still praying for you now.
    Shannon (Hammitt) Walker
    Biola (’93)

  2. 34095 says:

    Focus on the Family had a broadcast about moving and how difficult that is on the family. Your family has certainly endured a move, not from one part of the country to another, but from a family with Judson to a family without him.

    About moving, the broadcast said that "men do" moves, and "women feel" moves. Men get engrossed in the projects ahead and getting things done. Women feel all the memories and longings of the moment.

    Your family is such an incredible light. Love you all and praying for you today.

  3. Carol Sartain says:


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