Judson's Legacy

Sturdy Stakes

I was surprised to look out my window this afternoon and discover that some Costa Mesa Public Service employees were at our park planting Judson’s tree (the memorial plaque is expected to be installed later this week).

I raced outside to observe the process and discovered a beautiful, but spindly little Sycamore tree; it could not even bear its own weight.  So I watched as the crew pounded tall, sturdy stakes into the nearby ground to stabilize and support the tree.


After the workers left, I laid by the tree, staring in wonder and amazement at this sapling of life that would now be growing in honor of Jud.  But as I marveled, I also recognized how vulnerable, weak, and fragile this little sycamore is.  Were it not for the hardy posts, it would surely die.

I sat up at the epiphany that Drake and I are that tree-we have been and are so vulnerable, weak, and fragile, that surely we would not be surviving without the support of the many people who have and continue to uphold us.  Numerous, solid, weight-bearing stakes have wrapped their arms around us to help us live.  We thank God for these “stabilizers”!!!


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