Judson's Legacy

Step Forward

My big birthday gift from Drake was setting my bicycle up to be fit for two-a rider and a pint-sized passenger.  He dusted off and outfitted my old mountain bike with a child safety seat and equipped it with helmets for both adventurers, particularly the wee little one.

Requesting this gift was an important step for me. 

I have wanted to go biking, but hated the idea that I didn’t need a bike trailer for both my kiddos; a simple bike seat for only one would suffice.  Somehow, equipping my bicycle in this way felt like a reflection that life goes on-without Jud.

I don’t want life to go on without Jud…

But I know it must.

Yet, as I rode my bike around town this week, the wind brushing my face and my little ladybug seated behind me, I felt replete with vitality and glad I had taken a step forward. 


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