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Sparkly Pendant


For multiple reasons and no particular reason at all, I was having a very rough morning today.  Despite my sadness and tear-stained eyes, Jessie and I went on our usual jaunt to Starbucks.   Shortly after our arrival, Jessie, being very gifted at socializing with adults, struck up a conversation with two nearby women who had sparkly gems scattered about their table and seemed to be busy discussing their rhinestone business .

As Jess chatted with them, admiring their “bling,” I watched some videos of Judson on my phone, also keeping an eye on her.

I noticed one of the women went out to her car for a moment.  When she returned, she opened a package and proceeded to place a rhinestone necklace on Jessie Girl.  My little lady beamed, bounding over to me in pure bliss.  Upon seeing the sparkly pendant that graced her neck, tears of gratitude sprung from my eyes—it was a butterfly—“a sweet reflection of marvelous rebirth, like the little boy with my affection no longer bound by earth,” (Floating Silhouette – May 14, 2009).

This special gift for her was beautiful and sacred encouragement to me!

3 Responses to "Sparkly Pendant"

  1. Christina, I just read the newspaper article on Hunter’s Hope. What a wonderful organization. You are doing so well at informing everyone about Krabbe disease. Also, I wanted to tell you I have been seeing some beautiful butterflies in the mountains. I love that they are the symbol of rebirth. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. sue dimarino says:

    I will be praying for you today, for supernatural peace and comfort. I think of Jud and you all often, praying when I do. You all are blessed and a tribute to the glory of God and His love for all of us. Rest in Him. Love, Sue

  3. 1. Jesse is too cute for words!
    2. What an awesome story and sign from God and your sweet Judson that they are both still with you and you are LOVED!
    3. Christina-you LOOK so awesome in your photos! Have you been working out more or something? You look gorgeous!!

    Praying for your peace of mind and heart while always missing your sweet boy,

    Sandy Mitchell

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