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Something Unseen


Before leaving our former home, I was sitting at our kitchen table and happened to look out at Judson’s tree in the adjacent park and noticed someone standing nearby it, leash in hand, with a cute little dog beside him.  The park was otherwise vacant. 

I would often see people near Jud’s sapling, but this time was different; what caught my attention was the manner in which this middle-aged man was emphatically waving his arms through the air as if carrying on an intense conversation with someone.  But there was no one nearby — only his dog and our little Juddy’s tree.

I watched with curiosity as this went on for about a minute.  Is he talking to his dog, I wondered?  But he was facing Jud’s sycamore and his dog was behind him.  Who is he talking to? 

He then turned and walked away into a house across the street from the park.  I was about to go back to my business when a few seconds later, he re-emerged from the house.  This time his dog was not with him.  He walked straight over to our little man’s tree and continued what seemed to be a very passionate dialogue…with the baby sycamore dedicated to our son.

It was incredibly odd and a bit jarring for me.

I’m sure there is a possibility this person may have had a mental illness, but wheter or not that was the case, it was striking to me that Jud’s tree somehow held influence with him, a stranger.  There was clearly something about the sycamore memorial that had significantly captured his attention and energy.

While watching this man, I became convinced that something unseen to me was profoundly affecting this guy–it left me with lot’s of questions.

What do you make of this story?

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4 Responses to "Something Unseen"

  1. Dorci says:

    Hm. Interesting. I think there are a lot of things going on that we can’t see. The Lord used a donkey to speak, why not a tree? God bless you, Christina.


  2. Kristy says:

    Here’s what I thought your post was goign to be about:
    1. The ‘unseen’ cross formed by the tree trunk andthe rubber bands supporting it. (there’s gotta bea blog post in that somewhere…)
    2. The dog was going to relive himself on the tree. Gross.
    3. THe man was going to do something that he thought was unseen by others near Jud’s tree.

    As far as the arm waving, I got nothin’. I’d like to think that it was an inspired dialogue between himself and His creator. And if Jud’s tree was a conduit to that dialogue, then what a privilege that it was, AND you were witness to it!


  3. Edie Bailey says:

    I think what you saw was there for you to see for many reasons. Judson was sent to the man to give him a place to feel comfortable to let go of something he needed to talk about. I also believe Jud knows you would blog about it and it would inspire another person. Most of all I believe that God and Jud wanted to let you know it was ok to move and leave the SEEDLING because he is never alone. I am sure the man was a symbol for our heavenly Father. Jud just wanted to let you know he is doing just fine.

  4. You know where the man lives. I would watch to see if he is talking to the tree again, regardless I would ask him if that is a special tree.

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