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Snow White Dress


The other day, Jessie woke from her nap crying.  Seeing as this is quite uncharacteristic of her, I went up to her room to investigate.

“What’s wrong, Sweet Pie?  Why are you crying?”

In between her heavy sobbing she snorted, “I—I—I wish I—I—wish I had a Snow White dress!”

Trying to keep from sniggering at the comically intense drama of her desire, I investigated further, “A Snow White dress?  You’re crying because you don’t have a Snow White Dress?  I don’t understand.”

“Well, I really like Snow White,” her fingers waving through the air as she explained with intensity, “And I don’t have a Snow White dress.  I have a cape and Snow White wears a cape, but I don’t have a Snow White dress.”

“Your grandma and grandpa have a Snow White dress at their house that you get to wear sometimes, don’t they?”

Jessie, matter-of-factly responded, “Yes, but I want one that is mine, that I can keep and put on whenever I want.”

“Ladybug, you have been given so many wonderful gifts and you have a bin of dress-up clothes, like your Cinderella dress. “

“Yes, but I don’t have Snow White.”

Aware that I had stepped into a moment ripe for teaching, I replied, “Jessie, do you realize that some children don’t have any dress-up clothes?” She nodded. “And they would be thrilled to have just one of your fancy outfits.”

“I know, mama.”

“It is natural to have desires and to want things.  But sometimes we can get so focused on the stuff we don’t have that we forget to be grateful for all the amazing things we do have,” I offered.

“I know, mama,” she answered again, this time hanging her head.

“Hey!  I have an idea.  How ‘bout we go through your dress-up bin and look at all the cool things you do have?”

“Okay!” Jessie enthusiastically reacted with a smile and hopped out of bed to get her bin.

One-by-one we pulled out each of her frilly items, oohing and aahing over every piece, “Wow!  Look at this pretty bride dress,” I exclaimed.  “Oh my!  You even have a pink wand.”

“Actually, I have three wands,” Jessie observed.  “I want to keep my purple wand, but do you think I could give this wand to one of those kids that doesn’t have dress-up clothes?” she said, picking up the pink wand.

“I think that is a wonderful idea, Jess.  And I love your heart,” I encouraged while feeling hopeful that our conversation may have been helping to shape her heart.   I continued, “Gosh!  Look at all that we have to be grateful…” as the words escaped my lips, I became incredibly aware of how much my conversation with Jessie needed to be shaping my heart.

Just prior to Jessie waking from her nap I had been sitting on our couch bemoaning some of our circumstances where eyes of jealousy had captured my longings for something more;  this was not only leaving me discontent, but also completely ungrateful for all that I have been given, especially pertaining to said circumstances.  I realized I’d been crying out for a Snow White dress without recognizing the incredible dress-up clothes I already have.

What helps you maintain a heart of contentment?

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5 Responses to "Snow White Dress"

  1. Ashamed says:

    Oh how I loved your answer to your sweet little girl. You taught her a valuable lesson, that most kids will never be taught.
    I should be content, but I am not~
    I pray for contentment, as I am still so ungrateful most of the time. I live in chronic pain and fatigue and sorry to say I moan and groan all day. If and when I just stop and think, for just a moment or two, I realize how grateful I should be. I was so lost, without even a sound mind. I hitched hiked for more then twelve years, driven to run, with no place to go. I tried to end my life, so many times and yet God spared me hell each time. I got pregnant, and some how the Lord helped me stop running. The Lord touched my life in so many ways it could fill a book. The Lord not only saved me, gave me eternal life but helped me raise my son. He delivered me from drugs, spared my life. He gave my son and I everything we needed. The Lord filled our every desire, including wonderful friends, cars, private school and a house that I can call my own. He has been faithful to pay my bills each and every month for the last thirty years. I know that the Lord did all of it. I did not earn or work for any of it. It was most definitely the Lord. How can I be so ungrateful?
    He gave me everything, including His life. Yet, I still want and complain. Even though I get this way, the Lord forgives me, gives me mercy and a brand new start each day. I pray for contentment~ I need Him for even that~ He’s faithful.

  2. Dear Christina, what a dear time you had with Jesse and you used it as such a great teaching moment. It taught me, too. and i will remember the snow white dress when i get discontent! A great visual. thanks. Teri

  3. Darlene says:

    What a great testimony to learn from. We find ourselves always wanting things that we don’t have and often finding ourselves forgetting to be grateful for the things/people that we do have.

    The post from "Ashamed" really touched me. Tho she may feel ashamed of her past, She turned her life around. Tho she may think she did not deserve this new life,she did. She was given a special gift,the gift of her newborn son. He helped her by guiding her to stop running,rid herself of the drugs,and got her to stay off the streets.

    I just wanted to say…..Be proud of what you have accomplished. Your testimony is something we can learn from as well. Let it be known that God will always be with us and he will certainly will provide for us, and forgive us even during the times we call our darkest moments. God Bless.

  4. Oh Christina~What a wonderful mama you are!!!
    Give that little princess a kiss from us.
    xoxoxox Jean and Gary

  5. We were blown away by the thoughtfulness of Pat and Ken Roberts from the UK who sent Jessie a beautiful Snow White dress after reading this blog. She beamed from ear to ear over her gift. The Roberts lost their beautiful granddaughter, Evie, to Krabbe 9 years ago, and they have poured out love to other families who have experienced the same. Thank you, Pat and Ken, for caring so much!!

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