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On Monday morning Jessie and I were having fun wrestling in the living room; she would repeatedly jump on me and then squirm out of my arms.  However, at one point I grabbed her to pull her back into my embrace and the crown of her head nailed me below my eye.  She was fine, but I felt an immediate knot swell under my eye socket.  It wasn’t discolored, just puffy.

However, when I woke Wednesday morning and looked in the mirror, I had an all-out shiner.  Generally speaking, a black-eye is not much of a boost for feeling presentable amongst people.   But I found it all the more ironic that in a couple hours I was going to be teaching Bible Study for the women at our church.

So as I stepped on stage with my shiner in all its glory, it could not have been more apropos that I had entitled my study Imperfect People: Graciously Part of God’s Perfect Plan (Genesis 25-27)My physical imperfection proved to be a relevant outward symbol for all the blemishes and flaws in my soul.

Isn’t it amazing that God allows us to be part of his plan despite our shortcomings, weaknesses, stains, and limitations?!


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  1. melanie says:

    What a great story, Christina. Good for a few laughs and a deep connection on the grace of God in our imperfect lives.

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