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Shared Look


Recently, I have been struck by the many moments when Drake and I have been in a situation where we are amongst other people and suddenly something occurs that causes our eyes to lock on one another in understanding and solidarity, even if we are across the room from each other.  It is as if everything else in our surroundings fades away and without a word between us, we have an idea what the other is thinking or feeling in that moment.  While those around us are oblivious, we share a look that speaks volumes, without a need for words.

These shared looks are a sweet gift and remind me that I am truly connected to someone else.  Drake knows me well enough (or I know him well enough) to recognize what the other might be thinking or feeling in a circumstance when everyone else seems to keep moving — unaffected. 

And Drake is not the only one…these shared looks occur in any real relationship where there is a level of intimacy able to perceive the heart of another.   I have noted that my heart and soul are also intertwined enough with some of my family and friends to share looks of awareness when the rest of the world seems unaware.

Shared looks remind me that I am not alone.

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  1. Denise says:

    What a lovely post. It’s a wonderful thing to share your life with someone who knows your heart and spirit that intimately. PJ’s dad and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary in May and we too can carry on a conversation with just a look. (on the flip side, we can also have an argument with a *look*–lol). I pray that God continues to bless your marriage.


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