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Separating the Braid: Changes Coming


When we first started down the path of incorporating Judson’s Legacy as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, which was well over a year ago, I was enthusiastic about the potential but also hesitant and reserved about the idea, moving forward with reluctance; I felt out of my element, with very limited knowledge or expertise. This created a great deal of uncertainty for me.  Yet, we had multiple ways God seemed to be calling us to move forward in faithfulness—through people, through circumstances, and through unexpected resources.  And many of my concerns were slowly alleviated as we navigated through the process.

But what I did not anticipate was the tearing in my heart that would ensue.  This path has been far more emotionally difficult than I ever imagined and there have been multiple times I have just wanted to give up and lick my wounds.

My friend and member of the Judson’s Legacy Board, Cristina, so aptly described the process as trying to cut a straight line through a braid.  Our lives and hearts are so intricately intertwined with Judson’s Legacy, vulnerably braided together, but the legal ramifications of establishing a non-profit are causing us to cut a defined line between what is personal and what will be “assets” of the organization. And the process has been agonizing for me, where at times I’ve felt like I’m holding severed pieces of the braid, wondering how God can possibly use what has been cut.

When I first met with a non-profit consultant a year ago, he told me to expect a lot of bumps and bruises as we moved forward but to keep pushing through the pain because there will be great things to come.   Likewise, a couple months ago, I was on Twitter and saw a quote that basically stated, anything worth doing will be difficult and require sacrifice.  These are the words that keep ringing in my ears as I have excruciatingly felt the line being cut through the braid.

That said, we are now at the point where the cutting has been done on paper and now it must be done in practice.  So changes are coming…

Within the next week, my personal blog, “No Artificial Colors or Flavors” (including “Joys of Jessie”) will be moving locations and no longer available on Judson’s website.  The URL for my blog will be redirected to the new site.  But I will also continue writing for Judson’s Legacy on a new blog entitled “Hope in Suffering.” 

 “Hope in Suffering” will contain many of my previous blogs and future posts will focus on my journey of grief, loss, and sorrow, my reflections as Judson’s mom, updates for the organization, and pertinent resources that will include guest posts. However, it will not include any writing where I feel the need to personally maintain copyright, or blogs that are unrelated to our journey of hope in suffering; those things will all be found on “No Artificial Colors or Flavors.”  Each time I write, I will need to make a determination as to whether the blog becomes an “asset” of the organization or whether to keep it as my own.  Hence, the line between the two blogs will be a little gray, so I hope you’ll plan to follow on both sites.

Let me just add, we welcome your prayers for Judson’s Legacy, that all things be done out of hearts longing to serve and trust God as we faithfully share Judson’s story.  Thank you for your support!

3 Responses to "Separating the Braid: Changes Coming"

  1. Jolene says:

    "Anything worth doing will be difficult and require sacrifice." Turn around and look at all you’ve done to this point Christina. Shoulders back! Head high! Deep breathe! Keep moving!

  2. Amy Dresher says:

    That is so wonderful that everything is coming together for the non-profit! I will definitely be following your posts on both sites! Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers!

    Amy, Mark, Brooklyn, Regan, and Carson

  3. Christina~You just keep moving on…and stay on the path the Lord has put before you. We have learned so much from the "words" that God has given your heart to write.Love you so much!!!!!!!! Jean and Gary

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