Judson's Legacy

Screwed on Backwards

Since Judson’s death, I feel like my head has been screwed on backwards.  I can’t think straight.  I have a harder time remembering things that I was once able to easily recall, I feel confused more often than ever before, and my problem-solving skills feel like they have diminished.

Not that my noggin was particularly adept in these areas, but it seems I’ve lost brain cells.

Is this a physical or psychological issue, or both?  Are my synapses not firing correctly?

Whatever the case, it has become apparent to me that tragedy does many things to a person, and though I didn’t expect it, it has also made me feel like I am losing my mind.  I guess healing from significant loss is not just necessary for the spirit and soul, it is essential for the mind and body as well.

I hope I find my mind soon, otherwise, I might have to start pleading insanity.

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