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Screaming Heart

Photobucket Sometimes I sit in a public place and just watch people, all the while wondering whether they have huge pains that are not visible to the world.  Most hurts are internal without any outward evidence to be noted by observers.

My deep wounds have no physical scars, nothing that tips people off to my pain.  People see me laughing, playing, smiling, but have no idea that I am living in brokenness.  My heart is constantly screaming, but no one can hear it.  It is muffled or even silent—inaudible to those around me.  The world is impervious to my hollering soul.

I wonder how life would be if the pains of our hearts were visible to everyone.  I think we would be blown away by the heartaches people carry, and though I imagine we’d feel exposed, we may also feel more known, and maybe not so alone.

3 Responses to "Screaming Heart"

  1. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh Christina…how beautiful and true!!!!! I’m thinking of an old hymn that goes "wounded and broken".I can’t remember the rest…so wish I could.
    We smile and "play the part" of everything is alright; but there are so many people everyday who are playing the same part….who are wounded and broken. Maybe our smile is what they needed that day.
    We so love you~
    Jean and Gary

  2. Sandy Mitchell says:

    Hi Christina,

    What a great post-so insightful. I have neighbors that I don’t really know who lost a son years ago. I know this only because another neighbor told me. Whenever I walk past their house, I always think about this pain they must carry around, that I didn’t even know existed.

    What I do know is that I carry you and your pain around with me wherever I go. You, Judson and your family are always in my heart and in my thoughts. I think of your pain often and wish so deeply it could be released.


  3. Val Swanson says:

    Dear Christina,
    You’ve never heard from me before, but I have faithfully followed your blogs for several months now. I decided it was time I finally wrote you a note! I pray for you

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