Judson's Legacy

Roller Coaster


I remember when I was in elementary school our family had planned a trip to Magic Mountain for the day.  The night before we left I could hardly contain my excitement, unable to sleep.  En route in the car I was full of energy in anticipation of all the fun ahead.  So imagine my disappointment when we arrived at Magic Mountain only to discover that the amusement park was closed.  I was deflated and disheartened.

Sadly, today has felt a little like that Magic Mountain day of my youth.

We have been building momentum in anticipation for the release of Judson’s book today, only to be informed by my publisher this morning that there was a kink in distribution resulting in a delay of the release.  I am disappointed…

Although we didn’t get to enjoy Magic Mountain that September day, soon thereafter we were able to visit Disneyland.

Similarly, I expect the situation will be rectified quickly and we can officially launch Eyes that See very soon.  In the meantime, you can visit ChristianBookNotes.com to read Part 1 of an interview with Drake and me along with a review of the book.

Thank you for your support and energy behind this project.  We are very grateful!

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