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River of Life



Sitting alone on the Navajo River in Colorado, I couldn’t help but remember a childhood song we used to sing at church…


I’ve got a River of Life flowing out of me!

Makes the lame to walk, and the blind to see.

Opens prison doors, sets the captives free!

I’ve got a River of Life flowing out of me!

Spring up, O well, within my soul!

Spring up, O well, and make me whole!

Spring up, O well, and give to me

That life abundantly.


These lyrics hit my heart with a mix of emotions.


I believe in that River of Life and believe the H.S. is truly flowing out of me, but I choked back tears over the lyrics…“Makes the lame to walk, and the blind to see.”


Why is it that we do not regularly see the Holy Spirit work in these ways if He is flowing out of us?  Why didn’t he River of Life make my lame boy walk and his blind eyes see?  We know of His power expressed in Scripture…is it truly possible for that power to flow out of us?


I am perplexed by this River of Life and live now with many questions.


However, one thing is certain-the River of Life has sprung up anew within my soul and I am continually being made whole.  Even in my sorrow I am experiencing abundant life as the River flows out of me.


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