Judson's Legacy


Dear family and friends,

Many people have asked us how we spent our time remembering Jud on the first anniversary of his death.

The day began with tears , was filled with tears, and ended in tears, but there were sweet times in between.

We gathered with extended family in the morning at Judson’s tree in Wilson Park.  Each person tied a special ribbon on the posts that uphold the sycamore, and then we simply sat together soaking in the significance of the day.

At 11:30 am, the time of Jud’s death, some of the family gathered in Jud and Jessie’s room and we lit a candle in honor of our little boy’s life.  Drake and I laid in the khaki sack where our “Buddy Boo” breathed his last as everyone shared emotions, stories, prayers, words of encouragement, and their love of Jud.

In the afternoon, Drake and I went by ourselves to Judson’s gravesite for reflection and connection; it was a sorrowful but important time for the two of us.

We were also blessed the following day by some friends who stopped by to show their love and support.  They brought balloons for us to release together, wrote notes to Jud, shared with us the significance and impact our little man has had on their lives, and gave us some tangible gifts.  We were touched by their efforts, thoughtfulness, generosity and love.

Overall, the weekend was filled with beautiful notes, some precious gifts, thoughtful messages, and love from numerous people.  We were surrounded significantly in prayer and upheld by the thoughts of SO many who have been journeying with us.  This is what keep us from crumbling – the unexpected love of others.  We are extremely grateful for the support!

We are most moved by the hearts of dear ones (both familiar and unfamiliar to us) who have not only felt for us in our pain, but have actually entered into our experience wherein our pain has become their pain too.  Thank you to all who have hurt with us, beyond just hurting for us!

As all the commotion of the occasion from the first anniversary dies down, we still hold very broken hearts.  May time continue to slowly quell this ache.

With tremendous gratitude,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)



4 Responses to "Remembering"

  1. 47922 says:

    As I pray for you this year, I will ask our Father to restore joy into your lives at very unexpected times, so that you will know that it is a gift from His heart to yours.
    Thank you for sharing your heart with us…it reminds me what in this life is truly real.
    May God continue to uphold you in the hollow of His hand…very close to His heart. In His grip, Mieke

  2. Allyson Stevenson says:

    Dear, Dear Levasheffs,
    What a precious time you had celebrating and remembering your son. We are praising God for the many faithful friends He has continued to provide to share in remembrance of this day with you and your family! I know you have truely become part of our family in so many immeasureable ways!

    Dear friends, we remain faithful with our prayers for you with this season you are now in the midst of…a season filled with memories of your sweet boy. May our loving and gracious God sustain you in the everyday moments when you need it most. We Love you, Stevenson Family

  3. Jen Gray says:

    Romans 12:15 is all I can think of as I read this post. I am beyond heartbroken for you/with you as usual and just keep thinking that that is God’s design for believers, that we "Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep."
    Thank you for sending out the subscription notice – I was getting worried that you hadn’t posted anything, wondering if your family was okay. I’m catching up on posts now and I’m glad to see that your anniversary was also filled with joyful memories and realizations of how much Judson and your family is loved.

  4. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Again, you have touched our lifes with your love for Jud. Your celebration of his life was so beautiful!!! I so wish we could have been there with you all."Oh give thanks into the Lord for HE is good and his mercy endureth forever and ever".We love you our three sweeties~
    Jean and Gary

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