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Race Car


I couldn’t help but cry when I saw pictures of this race car.  Our little boy who absolutely loved vehicles and could distinguish between an “Audi” and a “Corvette” would have blown his mind at the fact that his picture is on the side of this “Modified”.

Isn’t it ironic that it is because of the disease that killed him that his face graces this machine, but he is no longer here to appreciate the novelty.

Oh how I miss my little Car Mechanic and Race Car Driver!


* Thanks Mills family for not only honoring MaKinley but all our other kiddos when you race!!


5 Responses to "Race Car"

  1. Elaina says:

    What a precious remembrance of Judson! Brings tears to my eyes.

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you all recently. I’ve been meaning to email you actually.


  2. Mary Moraites says:

    Dear Christina…I couldn’t do anything else, but just sit back and cry with this post.
    Sometimes there aren’t any words to say, but just tears…to replace them.
    BLess you All,

  3. Sandy Mitchell says:

    I’m crying too. Judson was just too unbelievably cute. Even though we can’t witness his delight, I am sure he is tickled in heaven, seeing such a fine tribute. It’s just heartbreaking that we can’t see his face ourselves. I can’t wait until the day when you can, sweet Christina!

  4. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh, what a wonderful tribute to Jud and the other little ones….love their hearts.I don’t even know what to say except that Gary and I love you all so much!!!! Love and extra hugs~Jean and Gary

  5. Amy Dresher says:

    What a sweet tribute to Jud and the other precious children!

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