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Profound Love

We were loved profoundly this weekend.

Drake and I were recipients of the kind of love that leaves you feeling humbled and awestruck that God would place it on the hearts of His children to reach out and care for you in such thoughtful, tangible ways.

A small group at Saddleback Church (a different church than our own), having heard about our story, decided to commit their weekend to serving our family.

First of all, they sent Drake and me on an all-expense paid trip overnight to Catalina Island.  We stayed in a great hotel that welcomed us with a special bottle of wine, dined at some nice restaurants, rented bikes and rode around the island, enjoyed the Wrigley botanical gardens, caught a movie at the historical Casino theatre, and had plenty of time to rest and relax in between.  It was a sweet time for the two of us.

Meanwhile, while we were soaking in the sunlight and leisure of the island, several couples, having secured babysitters for the day, came into our home and totally renovated the place.  Here is a list of all that they did (this list is intended to serve as reminder for me, more than anything):

1. Deep cleaned every nook and cranny in the house including the refrigerator/freezer.
2. Steam cleaned our carpets and shined our hardwood floors.
3. Applied touch-up paint on all the scuffed surfaces of our walls and staircase.
4. Repaired a door that was falling apart.
5. Unclogged a sink and repaired two others.
6. Fixed our vacuum cleaner.
7. Cleaned and re-organized the garage.
8. Cleaned and organized the patio.
9. Repaired our teak patio set and refurbished it with teak oil.
10. Repaired our smoke detectors.
11. Re-organized book shelves.
12. Re-organized drawers and cabinets.
13. Fixed some hooks that were falling out of the wall.
14. Got rid of our ants and caulked the holes where they were coming in.
15. Did our laundry.
16. Filled our hummingbird feeder.

And on top of all of that, they left us flowers and put four homemade meals in our freezer to provide us dinner this week.

Who gets loved like this?!!??!

This question kept racing through my mind all weekend, especially when we returned from our trip and raced around the house like kids at Christmas “unwrapping” the gift they had given us as we discovered and marveled at all the work done around our home.  To describe it as “incredible” doesn’t do justice to the kindness and generosity bestowed upon us by this group of people that, for the most part, we have yet to even meet.

While this love and compassion affected us on many levels, the spiritual implications are especially weighty. 

It is an easy temptation on this journey of loss to feel alone and abandoned by God, as though He does not care about me or my feelings.  But when we are loved by “strangers” with such uncommon fervor, even a year after our son has died, it points to a supernatural love, it points to God.  As I peered at our unclogged sink, discovered the refurbished patio furniture, and saw the spotless refrigerator, I was deeply affected by God’s love for me; He is, indeed, looking after me.  God will not abandon me.  My Heavenly Father wants me to continually experience His boundless love anew.

The manner in which our brothers and sisters at Saddleback Church covered us with love this weekend encouraged and stretched my faith, causing me to lean more deeply into the God who loves me and calls me to trust Him, even in my heartache.

Thank You Saddleback Small Group!!!


12 Responses to "Profound Love"

  1. Tracy says:

    christina and drake,

    i got chills reading this. not only does it impact YOUR faith and remind you that God has not abandoned you…it also impacts MINE and reminds me of the same. i am so grateful for this group of people and the love they have shown you…and i can’t wait to see all the did to your home! God is so very, very good. xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Allyson Stevenson says:

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!! That IS EXACTLY what we believers are called to do…at anytime….especially when fellow believers are in need…We are to serve one another in love…(Gal. 5:13) What a wonderful example of servitude!!!
    It is continually a joy to see how many ways the Lord has blessed your family! He is ever so faithful!
    All our love,(and gratitude for the many dedicated "servants") Stevenson Family

  3. Christie says:

    Incredible! Thank you for sharing how to bless tangibly. Wow!

  4. hh says:

    Dear Christina and Drake,

    It is WONDERFUL to read about your time this past weekend on Catalina Island and the profound love that was showered on you by God through this precious group of brothers and sisters in Christ!!

    Love you so much and SO encouraged by what you shared…God’s love is AMAZING for ALL of us! He is completely worthy of our trust even when life doesn’t make sense.

    Thinking of you and praying for you every day.
    Heather and Mark

  5. michele stump says:

    Christina, it makes me so happy to hear about this. I am so glad you were loved and cared for in such a tangible way. That really is amazing and I’m so glad you were blessed!!!

  6. Rebekah says:

    In serving you, our brothers and sisters served the rest of us too…

    I’m challenged to learn to serve in new and bigger ways. I’m inspired (however trite that may sound) to be a servant like those I’ve just read about. And I’m uplifted by reading about the love of God that they have so dramatically demonstrated.

    God is SO faithful to remind you of His love!! And He is so good to let us see it through your experience!

    I’m thrilled for you!! What an amazing gift you’ve received!!

  7. Mary says:

    Wow!!! Awesome!! I love what they did for you!! That is totally a God thing-evidence of His love and His definite presence in your life!

  8. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh you guys…isn’t that absolutely WONDERFUL!!!! You are so deserving. We are just happy for you all!!!!
    Love and tons of hugs~
    Jean and Gary

  9. 50769 says:

    I was moved by your wonderful description of last weekend. I am Meredith’s Dad, and both my wife and me were moved by the action of the Church being the Church in our midst.

    May God continue to wrap you up in His love.


  10. Alyssa Low says:

    dearest friends!! i am so moved by this!! we are walking in some question marks in our life right now, nothing in comparison to your journey…but to see the lord work through this group to bless your family profoundly shows his love for us-continual, unconditional love that is hard to wrap our heads around-yet speaks right to our heart. i am so thankful to read this-especially this week. he is at work. all the time. praise him!! you are so deserving of this beautiful service.

  11. 50353 says:

    Ohhhh, I am so happy for you and rejoice with you! I know how it feels! Because after our son’s death in our home, we HAD to change things around. The men in our church gutted and redid one room. Then a young couple came into our home and with our children did an "extreme bedroom makeover" over a period of three weeks. It was pretty exceptional. I looked for my posts on it – and see the pics are not up anymore (I will try to repost sometime) but you can see our blogging during this time here:


    It’s neat to see God’s children helping each other out, and meeting these needs that seem so exceptional but begin to heal the heart. I am thankful with you!

  12. Laura HasBrouck says:

    What an encouraging story!

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