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I’m excited to preach again at our home church (Grace Fellowship  Church) this Sunday, 7/27.  The sermon will be about “Barnabas, A Good Man, Full of the Holy Spirit” from Acts 11:22-26.

In case anyone’s interested, here’s the link to my last sermon from January on prayer:


3 Responses to "Preaching"

  1. 33871 says:

    What an awesome opportunity, again, for you! We will pray for you as you get to preach once again!
    Drake we really enjoyed finally getting to meet you and Christina….we hope that you can come to visit another time, with Jessie, too! Take Care, and God Bless…You are ALWAYS in our thoughts and prayers, Allyson (and Matt) Stevenson

  2. Duane Cox says:


    I love you. I know this is so hard whether there are tears or not.

    You will be awesome this Sunday. Look forward to hearing about your sermon.


  3. Jodi says:

    You Are A wonderful Father and i am sorry 2 Here About POOr little Jud. I wish u The Best Of Luck.! LOVE AN 11 YEAR OLD GIRL, JODI

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