Judson's Legacy

Pixie Fairy

We had the sweetest little pixie fairy grace our lives today.

Spreading pixie dust.

This face reminds me of her brother.

Who knew that pixie fairy dresses had such a great twirl-factor?!??

Trick-or-treating is always better with cousins!!

Someone there?

Even pixie fairies have to take time out when nature calls.

On a day full of difficult memories, Jessie is our constant joy!


4 Responses to "Pixie Fairy"

  1. Ken says:

    picture v2Dear Jessie,
    You are the most adorable pixie ever. I do hope you had a wonderful time. I’m sure, when you grow up big, you will not thank your Mommy for the final picture.
    Love you,

    PS. Christina, I too can see Judson in picture 2

  2. Samanta says:

    The most beautiful pixie fairy I’ve ever seen!!!!! Jessie: I hope you had a great time "trick or treating" !!!!
    Christina, I agree with you, Jessie looks very much alike Judson in that picture!!! That shot captured his soul in his sister’s eyes!
    All my love,

    Sam xxx

  3. Name says:

    So much Fun!!!!

  4. hh says:

    so glad to hear Jessie had fun! she is such a little cutie and so very sweet. i love all the photos, but one that made me smile the most (besides the last one) was the backside view of the three little cousins

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