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Sitting on a dark wooden bench lining one of the small public docks off Balboa Island this evening, there was a moment where I wished I could have suspended time.

A gentle ocean breeze was lightly cooling our sun-kissed skin after a day of playing in the solstice heat.  My tired body perched beside the man I love, listening to the water lapping upon the sandy island shore, while the brightest of lights was about to bend beyond the horizon signifying the end of the day.

Meanwhile, my engaging little girl, with beach in her hair and peanut butter on her cheek, stood before us.  Illuminated by a sky like fire, she began to twist and sway to the music of her surroundings, soaking in the sweetness of life with a smile that beamed as brilliantly as the setting sun.


The fullness of my heart in this moment of joy was more robust than my sorrow.  I wanted time to stand still.

3 Responses to "Pause"

  1. kristy says:

    If you ever find that ‘pause button’, can you please have it installed on my family as well?…..
    Kristy 🙂

  2. Brandi says:

    What a beautiful moment!

  3. Danny says:

    I woke up this morning to your blog. Thanks for sharing your heart. Think of all of you on a regular basis.

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