Judson's Legacy


Do children require care in heaven?  If so, who is caring for my sweet man?  Has someone been specifically commissioned by God to care for him until Drake and I arrive?

It is hard to imagine anyone other than Drake or me watching over our Jud.  This concept makes me feel like Jud is an orphan in heaven.  That would mean that most children in heaven are orphans.

I know Jud cannot feel loneliness or need in paradise, but if he does indeed require care, I bemoan the fact that I’m not the one lovin’ on him.

One response to "Orphan"

  1. mariah says:

    As soon as I read that second sentance, my eyes filled up with tears. It really made me think. I do not even know your family, and did not know Jud, but yet when I watch videos of him, see pictures, and read your blog entries, sometimes I just cry. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel, seeing as how it must be a billion times worse than what I feel. I hope you are coping well, and whenever you are feeling sad, just remember you WILL see Jud again.


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