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One Solitary Tear


One Solitary Tear
(Written for my friend)

As you lay on your back
Expressing your depths,
Releasing your pains,
I watch as one tear, one solitary tear, hangs in the outside corner of your eye.

You blink
And it begins to fall.
It falls slowly.
Making the lonely journey over your cheekbone,
Moving toward the edge of your face.

I want to touch it.
I want to hold it.
I want to join it with my tears.

Your hand brushes across your skin
And your tear disappears.

I miss it.
I long for it.

Until another appears,
Another tresured tear.

4 Responses to "One Solitary Tear"

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. michelle says:

    …and provoking.

    We always seek to wipe our tears away as they can create an unwelcome mess. But to consider what they represent…deep empathy, understanding, compassion, love, friendship…

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts

  3. michelle says:

    …and your heart. Your words always impact me.

    (Sorry, my entire comment wasn’t coming through completely for some reason? ) 🙂

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