Judson's Legacy

One-Sided Dialogue

I was driving in the car today, with my little ladybug in the back seat, when out of the blue I heard, “Tank you, Judson.”

Gripped that I might have just caught a snippet of Jessie conversing with her brother, I remained quiet hoping to hear more of the one-sided dialogue.

“Tank you, Jud.”

A tear began to roll down my cheek.

“Bye bye Jud.  See ya!”

I thought to myself, “Yes, Jessie, I expect that someday you will see Jud.”  But rather than declaring this notion, I simply asked, “Do you love Jud, Jessie?”

“Yes!”  She emphatically replied.

“Me too!  Me too!”  I softly responded, echoing her sentiments while soaking in the preciousness of the moment.

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