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Seeing as I enjoy photography, I decided to submit some of my amateur photographs to the Orange County Fair; I was pleased when two of them were accepted as entries.

Today I had the chance to go and view them on display in the Fine Arts building on the fairgrounds.

My first entry, entitled “The Flying Dragon,” was hung nicely under a picture of a ladybug.  It was a treat to see my work prominently displayed in this setting.

My second entry, entitled “Baby Baseball Fan,” was hung amongst numerous pictures of laughing, smiling children, and upon seeing Judson’s sweet 6 month old face adorned with an Angels baseball cap prominently on display for all passersby, it unexpectedly stung.


It hit me that thousands of people have glanced at his picture over the last couple weeks, and it appears to be like any of these other photos of children—no one knew the sorrow attached to this picture.  No one knew that this little boy no longer walks the face of this earth.  No one knew how much this little person is missed by his mommy and daddy.

No one knew.  And for some reason, it hurt that no one knew.




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  1. Melanie MacPherson says:

    Dragonflies have a special meaning to me. The hospice that we use refers to all passed children as dragonflies. They are only here with us for such a short time, but then they turn in to dragonflies and fly away. It is based on a childrens story to explain death, i will need to look it out and share it with you.

    I understand about Juds picture, im sure lots of people said, what a cute boy, how adorbale…but they dont know….i too feel the same, i want everyone to know of Jack and what he went through. You are doing such a great job in telling the world about him and Krabbes. Its not enough though, we just want them back with us. Keep up the great work you are doing, keep his memory alive and spread Juds word to the world, he deserves to be heard.

    Thanks for all these blogs, they really are like therapy to me, helping me understand and work through my grief.

    Thinking of you all
    Melanie xx

  2. 33705 says:

    I can understand how that would hurt. It’s like you want to sream to the world that you have a child in heaven that you are missing with everything ounce of everything you have. It is anything but normal…as passerbys may assume.
    I am thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers. I admire your faith and courage as we travel this journey.
    God Bless
    Dawn Mills

  3. 34449 says:

    These are beautiful photos! Christina, you have a gift for capturing beauty.

    Praying for you today –

  4. 33817 says:

    Christina…you know my first thought though? Even if they knew, they do NOT KNOW… It represents to me what grief really is….
    Yes they can offer empathy, some kind words….. but then they can blissfully continue on with their day… unlike others whose hearts have been shattered into a million pieces …in reality we must walk our (unique) grief path alone and find our way …..and you will….

    I know this doesn’t sound very uplifting .but I know it reflects the ache and longing……

    God bless you and Drake Vince

  5. 34544 says:

    Hi Christina~

    I am looking through your beautiful website and I feel compelled to share with you of my very best friend Robbin. She lost her son at age 19 on Christmas day 3 years ago. Through Robbin I have heard of a grieving mothters ministry called Umbrella Ministries. A group of women who grieve weekly I believe, I’m not really clear on the details, but I know it is a Christian based group of women.

    I had the privelege of being one of over a hundred women at their weekend long conference a few months ago. I saw the pain and the anguish and I realized that these women were ALL blessed to have other women that know what they are going through! (While REALLY putting into perspective how lucky I am to have my children still with me!)
    I thought maybe you could connect with the women in your area that have experienced the loss of a child also.


  6. 33749 says:

    I can’t wait to get to the fair and check out the beautiful work you have captured! I agree with Vince that they will never KNOW the loss that you know… only if they have experienced similar loss. While I visit your picture of Jud I will say a prayer for you and Drake.

    Much love,

  7. 33817 says:

    Christina….I read Melanie’s post about the dragonfly story..I have that story if either one of you need it…..it is so beautiful and uplifting!

    I am drawn to this particular post because it stuck me as amazing that not only was Jud’s picture selected but also the dragonfly…I see it as a sign that he IS OK ..and so are all the other little Angel dragonflies…. Sincerely Vince..

    Dad of Angel Vincie..forever 17 months

  8. It's funny isn't it? Art can take on different meanings and affect others in different ways. It isn't until the artist tells the story that the viewer's perception change. Keep on writing and sharing …

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